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The agriculture industry is facing an ongoing threat:  invasive pests. Twenty voluntary non-profit agricultural associations, including my organization, the California Grape and Tree Fruit League, formed the Invasive Species Coalition to address this threat. We are pleased to now join the efforts of the HungryPests Coalition in both preventing and effectively treating invasive pests and plants in California.

California has been able to build one of the most efficient economies in the world, as well as a superior quality of life, thanks in no small part to a vibrant agricultural community that feeds much of our nation and many people around the world. However, as more international travelers visit California and trade continues to increase, the threat of new invasive species arriving here grows every day.

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The Hungry Pests project is preparing to unveil a new statewide advertising campaign designed to raise awareness of invasive species in California. You heard it here first—and you can see it first too, by visiting www.youtube.com/hungrypests.

I am extremely enthusiastic about this campaign. I have been working on invasive pest issues for the USDA in the State of California for almost 20 years, and this is the first time we’ve undertaken a campaign that is as informative and attention-grabbing as this.

The message about the dangers posed by invasive pests is an important one.  Few residents are aware of the serious threat invasive pests pose to California’s agricultural and natural resources and to its economy.

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When an invasive pest, such as an insect or plant disease is confirmed in California by an agriculture inspector, an agriculture quarantine may be set up to prevent the pest from moving into other areas of the State. This is a key step in controlling and eliminating the threatening pest.

California is rich with greenery and vegetation that many of us enjoy. Unfortunately, invasive pests also enjoy these resources and can spread quickly across the State unnoticed.

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