About EGVM

The European Grapevine Moth (EGVM) is an unwanted, invasive species of moth that feeds on virtually all varieties of wine and table grapes. The adult moths mate, producing caterpillars or worms that live and feed on grape flowers and fruit. Its small size of less than 3/8″ of an inch can make it difficult to spot, but it can cause serious damage to vineyards.

What it looks like

The adult male has creamy white forewings with a pale-yellowish overlay and deeply bluish-gray coloring. Black, yellow and light olive-brown markings are moderately defined and spread across the wing. The hind wing is white with weak scales and a dark gray sub-basal line. The forewing of the female is similar in coloration and markings. However, the hind wing of the female is completely dark gray.

The caterpillars have a yellowish brown head and an abdomen varying from yellowish green to whitish brown or brown, and can grow to approximately 9-10 mm long. The body can be completely translucent, leaving the gut visible. Caterpillars have short and retracted antennae.

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