Insects, snails and diseases.

Insects, snails, slugs, mites, microscopic worms, and diseases can travel into the country on foreign products. Also, animal pests and diseases can be carried on live animals and animal products, including hunting trophies.

Even dirt on shoes and clothes after visiting foreign farms can move diseases (e.g., fungal diseases of grain crops).

What's at risk.

America's crops, forests, ecosystems, community landscapes, and backyard gardens.

Millions of dollars spent by farmers and government on necessary control and treatment activities.

Important export markets that could close to U.S. products from infested or infected areas.

Note: Passengers who fail to declare agricultural items may be subject to penalties of up to $1,000 or more per violation.


Speak Up.

Declare all agricultural items to customs officials when returning from international travel.

Visit USDA's international travel Web site at for guidelines on what you can bring in—and phone numbers to call if you have questions.